Back Care

Back CareFor a strong and pain free back

Garden of Pomegranates has perfected the art of back care with these treatments inspired by 5,000 years of Eastern wisdom. We recommend an Ayurvedic Consultation prior to treatments.

Pristha Abhyanga: Back Massage

Abandon yourself to this highly therapeutic and relaxing practice for ultimate pain relief and relaxation. Warm medicinal oils are massaged into the back to relieve acute and chronic back aches, neck tension and shoulder strain…

Pinda Sveda: Aromatic Steam Massage

Experience the deep relaxation of our Aromatic Steam Massage. Deep cleansing thermal therapy, performed with medicinal herbs and grains wrapped in muslin balls, penetrates deep in the body to nourish the tissues and relieve aches & pains and swelling of the joints…

Basti: Infusion Therapy

The unique art of infusing a local area with potent medicinal oils for the relief of acute conditions. A warm flow of beneficial oil is poured over the afflicted area and contained within a fragrant herbal paste ring. The oil is then soothingly massaged in to infuse the body with its healing properties…

Treatments start from £40.00

Book a course of 5 treatments and receive 10% off & a free consultation.


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