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The Garden of Pomegranates

The Garden of Pomegranates

Garden of Pomegranates has perfected the art of body care with sumptuous Ayurvedic massages and treatments that create multi-sensory sensations of wellbeing and vitality. Following Eastern traditions, your experience at Garden of Pomegranates will be designed with your comfort in mind.

As you drift in the warm and enveloping atmosphere of the Garden, warm breezes of fragrant oils reminiscent of the exotic flowers of the East stimulate the senses and induce deep relaxation and contentment. Our infusions of warm exotic oils leave your skin soft and delicately perfumed while ancient Ayurvedic techniques revitalise and de-stress your body.

Garden of Pomegranates offers an exceptional experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

The birth of Garden of Pomegranates

Nathalie Baron

Nathalie Baron

When I was a child my grandmother and I strolled around the countryside collecting plants, roots, flowers, berries and leaves. She would explain to me their usage and purpose and taught me to respect and appreciate nature. Once home, we dried our collection of herbs for teas or made tinctures, medicated oils, poultices, suppositories and syrups.

My grandmother would dispense her remedies to the villagers in exchange for money or goods such as chickens, fruits, and vegetables. People came and went like the seasons. Many called her a “witch” whilst benefiters called her “the good woman”. Whatever my grandmother was, she was aware that to cure someone you had to rebalance the whole person and reconnect them with nature.

I grew up and got caught up in a nice but unsatisfying job: my soul was still wandering fields, pastures and woods looking for remedies to make. I learned Swedish Massage and Reflexology but felt there was something missing to my knowledge. I was longing to work with a complete health system.

When I visited India, I came directly into contact with Ayurveda. I had some life changing treatments and I was captivated. Ayurveda is enthralling layers of deep knowledge and philosophies that encompasses nutrition, herbal lore, lifestyle issues, massages and spirituality. In the East, they say that you do not come to Ayurveda but that it calls you. The complete holistic health system I was looking for had found me.

The fruits of this fervour are dedicated to my grandmother, Odette, who fed my soul and heart with the love and knowledge of nature.