Ayurveda: Achieve total wellbeing

Rejuvenation Therapy for the Face & BodyAyurveda is a holistic science from India that layers massages, natural medicine, nutritional advice and yoga techniques to preserve wellbeing, delay the signs of ageing and treat illness the natural way. It is a system based on the principle that your body is an individual combination of 5 elements (space, air, fire, water and earth) that weave together to create your unique constitution. When your constitution is in balance health is maintained. However, when imbalances occur, discomforts, diseases and premature ageing follow.

During your first visit, a brief medical history will be taken and your constitution will be established using the ancient art of pulse reading. Your Ayurvedic massages and treatments will be tailor-made to your individual needs and designed to maintain health, restore balance and promote a healthy, younger looking body.