Ayurvedic Face Lift

Ayurvedic Face LiftThe secret of timeless beauty

A course of 6 non-surgical face lifts for visibly younger looking skin and radiant complexion.

Combat the signs of ageing with this luxurious and deeply relaxing natural face lift renowned for its anti-ageing benefits. Tiredness and tension are dispelled, leaving your complexion blissfully light and refreshed.

The treatment starts with an infusion of rose water to cleanse and rehydrate the skin. The face is then massaged with a unique combination of Ayurvedic ingredients to restore suppleness, nourish the skin and release tension and worry lines.

Marma points – our physical and energetic centres – are stimulated, intensifying the rejuvenating process and improving collagen and protein production. To complete the treatment, a soothing and replenishing serum, specifically formulated for your skincare needs, is applied.

The package includes a free 30 minutes consultation, a complimentary detox pack and a course of 6 Ayurvedic Face Lifts.

Package: £350.00

Each treatment: 1hr 15 mins

Individual treatments are also available at £65.00 each