Excess Weight

Natural Weight LossDetox & lose weight the Ayurvedic way

Bespoke weight loss treatments that focus on reducing weight and restoring balance while preserving the elasticity of the skin. We recommend an Ayurvedic Consultation prior to treatments.

Udvartana: Ayurvedic Body Scrub

A fusion of flowers and herbs is massaged into the body to redefine body contours, improve skin’s elasticity and treat cellulite…

Nabhi Abhyanga: Abdominal Massage

A purifying and toning practice that increases metabolism, balances the digestive system and tones the abdominal area…

Shirodhara: Sacred Oil Meditation

A unique and exquisite relaxation experience evocative of deep meditation. A warm breeze of fragrant oil is soothingly poured over the forehead restoring mind and body equilibrium and leaving you gleaming with tranquility…

Treatments start from £45.00

Book a course of 5 treatments and receive 10% off & a free consultation.


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