Relaxation & Wellbeing

Relaxation and WellbeingDrift into a world of peace and tranquility

Indulge in the warm and enveloping atmosphere of the Garden of Pomegranates where our luxurious treatments leave you feeling refreshed and gleaming with tranquility.

Abhyanga : Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

Drift in the warm and enveloping breath of long flowing movements while your mind slips into a world of peace and tranquility. Our infusions of warm exotic oils leave your skin soft and delicately perfumed while ancient Ayurvedic techniques revitalise and de-stress your body…

Shirodhara: Sacred Oil Meditation

A unique and exquisite relaxation experience evocative of deep meditation. A warm breeze of fragrant oil is soothingly poured over the forehead restoring mind and body equilibrium and leaving you gleaming with tranquility…

Pada Abhyanga: Indian Foot Massage

The ultimate foot indulgence. An infusion of exotic oils is massaged into your feet and lower legs inducing profound relaxation and contentment. Tiredness, aches & pains are dispelled, leaving your feet feeling blissfully light and refreshed…

Package: £145.00

Duration: 2hr 50 mins

The package includes a complimentary detox pack.